Caring for your pieces

How you look after your collars and leads will affect their longevity. Cotton is a natural fibre and requires a little tlc to keep it looking good. 
- for light dirt removal, use a wet wipe (preferably compostable) and gently wipe the area affected until clean. Let it dry naturally, not in the sunlight as this can fade the colour. 
- for heavier dirt or mud, hand wash in luke warm water using a gentle cleaning agent such as hand soap or a touch of washing up liquid. Let soak for a few minutes, you’ll find most of the dirt will naturally come away. Then lightly rub the rest off until completely gone.
Wring it out and leave to dry naturally. 
- you can wash in the machine every now and then to really brighten it up, just make sure you use a wash bag or a pillowcase, to protect the hardware. Be aware that if you machine wash some colour may fade, only do this every now and then.
- macrame pieces can be machine washed more regularly as the cord is pre dyed, again use a wash bag or pillowcase to protect hardware.

- all collars have a floating ring or d ring to attach your lead to, never use the ring that the clip is attached. This can add too much pressure to the collar and stretch it and may open
the clip if your dog pulls. 

If you have any other questions regarding aftercare, please use the Contact Us page.